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Community Cat Advocates was founded in late 2015 by three young women (Rachel, Micaiah, and Meredith) who had worked and volunteered with animal shelters and rescue groups within the State of Maine. Having seen first-hand how hard our local shelters work to handle the sheer volume of homeless cats coming through their doors, we decided to form our own organization and focus on the most at risk population within Maine shelters: feral cats. Feral cats have had minimal contact with humans and are therefore very stressed out in shelters and can be hard to handle. Since feral cats cannot be adopted into regular homes, shelters have to try to place these cats in outdoor homes in a speedy fashion. Often times, feral cats become very sick due to stress and since they cannot be medicated they end up being euthanized. Barn homes are not always the easiest for shelters to find as they are busy focusing on finding homes for the friendly cats.

As a group of friends with the common belief that every life is equally important, we decided to build the framework for what we often refer to as "the underground cat railroad"; a safe place for feral cats to land while they look for an appropriate home.

The mission of Community Cat Advocates is to help Maine to become a no-kill state through Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR), taking feral cats from shelters, trapping and relocating feral cats with no caretaker, and occasionally taking in friendly cats who due to severe fear or anxiety issues would not do well in typical shelter settings.

Since 2015 we have recruited foster homes, volunteers, fundraisers, and met many wonderful people who truly care about animals. We are a licensed animal shelter/rescue with the State of Maine, are 100% volunteer, and we are a registered 501(c)3 with the IRS. We are an all-volunteer organization, and work normal ‘day jobs’ to help fund our endeavors. Any donation made to our group goes 100% to the care of the cats.

Our Story
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